We kissed.

"I, too, used to dream about wedding dresses. However I didn’t dream of a lavish one like the ones from the movies. I was fine with a simple dress. I just wanted to stand in front of the person I love. "You are pretty." I just wanted to hear that one sentence."

Kang BinMi Ryeong


Endless list of favorite otps → Dong Joo x Soo Wan (Angel Eyes)

Park Dong Joo,  who do you think you are messing around with? This noona is almost twenty, you know!

- I don’t like it.


- I don’t want to call you noona. Who calls their girlfriend noona?



It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. When I am in so much pain… I feel much better if I say that spell.

"Gong Gi Tae…is my man.”

Did you… develop feelings for me?

"You’re the only one I know in this world".