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"Curse Of The Golden Flower" (2006 - Dir. Zhang Yimou)

"True love… what is it?"

six times jin woo looked at soo young

and the one he couldn’t.

“Let’s play together”.


We kissed.

"I, too, used to dream about wedding dresses. However I didn’t dream of a lavish one like the ones from the movies. I was fine with a simple dress. I just wanted to stand in front of the person I love. "You are pretty." I just wanted to hear that one sentence."

Kang BinMi Ryeong


Endless list of favorite otps → Dong Joo x Soo Wan (Angel Eyes)

Park Dong Joo,  who do you think you are messing around with? This noona is almost twenty, you know!

- I don’t like it.


- I don’t want to call you noona. Who calls their girlfriend noona?



It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. When I am in so much pain… I feel much better if I say that spell.